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How to ensure a good experience with lives on the app
How to ensure a good experience with lives on the app
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As you may already know, it is possible to broadcast your church's lives (services) on your app created by InPeace. And with this tutorial, we want to help you have a good streaming experience. Let's go!

1. What platforms are used to integrate with the app?

Currently, InPeace apps allow the use of YouTube ( and Twitch ( Through your channel on one of these platforms, it will be possible to integrate it for display in the application.

It is important to remember that this is the use of free tools, so, at times, the available resources are limited, which also ends up affecting the transmission of the application.

2. What should I do to activate my lives on the app?

With the channel created (by the church) and the live icon active in the application (by the InPeace team), we will integrate the two.

But it is important to remember some details:

  • All services (recurring or not) must be duly registered in the admin. If there are no registered services, the app will automatically display the last video published on the channel

  • xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx

3. My live stream is taking a long time to enter the app, what should I do?

With the integration between the platforms (Youtube/Twitch) and InPeace, it is common for there to be a delay when broadcasting the live broadcast on the application. This is a frequent behavior in lives and for this, the recommendation is that the registration of the service and the start of the live broadcast be done 15 minutes in advance.

For example:

If your service starts at 7:30 pm, register in the admin for 7:15 pm and start the broadcast on the platform also in advance. At this moment, you can use a repeating video or an image, informing that the service is about to begin. Thus, at the official start time (at 7:30 pm), when the user enters to watch, the video delay will have already been adjusted and they will not miss the beginning of the service.

4. When finishing a live, where can I find it in the app?

Once completed, the lives will be directed to the "Messages" icon, but it is important to remember that the direction is not instantaneous. When finished, it usually takes 2h to 3h for the video to be found in "Messages".

5. I followed all these steps, and I'm having problems on live. What can I do?

If, despite the tutorial, you still have problems like the live video, please contact our support team. It is important to be aware of some information that will help us identify the problem. See if your problem fits into one of the two scenarios below, and let us know.

Scenario 1: the application was showing the live stream, but when clicking the live stream it did not open.

Scenario 2: there was no live broadcast being shown, only the latest video on the channel was available

Do you still have doubts?

Get in touch with our support team.

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