Currently, using the Wirecard and PicPay platforms, it is possible to sell tickets for events directly through the application. But if for some reason, the user needs to request the cancellation of a paid ticket, see how to carry out the step by step.

Wirecard: requesting cancellation

It is important to remember first of all that cancellation must be made directly to Wirecard's account.

Access your Wirecard account > Go to the Orders option > Locate the user you want to cancel the purchase > Click on the numbers/orders (in blue) > Select the "REFUND" button in the left corner of the screen.

This process is valid for both credit card (which is refunded directly on the next invoice) and bank slip (which requires bank details to deposit the amount).

When carrying out the refund procedure, it is necessary to inform one of the app administrators to cancel the ticket on the platform (Wirecard).

PicPay: requesting cancellation

Access your PicPay account > Go to Transactions > Find user (by name or merchant ID) > Click on the "x" beside and confirm the cancellation.

When canceled or refunded, it will automatically be changed in the admin.

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