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Reporting meetings through the app, how do I do?
Reporting meetings through the app, how do I do?
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It is very important that you, the leader of a cell or small group, keep all your meetings reported so that the church can follow the development of members and staff.

Making the process even easier, you can report meetings directly through the application, simply and quickly. For you to be able to perform this function, the application must be up to date (Android above 2.32.0 and iOS above 4.12.1 (1))

See the step by step:

Step 1 - Access the Small Groups icon

Do not forget to be properly registered and logged in with your email and password to access the application.

Step 2 - Select your Cell/Small Group

Remember that this is a step that must be performed by the registered leader.

Step 3 - Click on "Meetings" at the top of the screen

All members of your cell/small group will be able to access this area, but only leaders can report meetings and edit information.

Step 4 - Select the "Report Meeting" button

From this step, you will be able to report your meeting by filling in all the necessary information. If you need to edit information from a previously created meeting, just drag the meeting you want to change from right to left.

  • General information

Pay attention to fields with asterisks (*) as they are mandatory.

  • Presence

All people registered in the cell will appear listed for confirmation of presence. The order will be: leader, co-leader and other members in alphabetical order.

  • Meeting Visitors

You can type the visitor's name in the search area of ​​this screen (magnifying glass icon). If you are a user already registered in the church application, just click on the "+" icon next to the name. If you are a new user, click on "Add New" at the bottom of the screen.

  • Assessment

On this screen, you can set a note for the meeting, and post notes that you think are important. If there is an offer, the value can also be informed on this same screen.

Required fields:

  • Data

  • Whether the meeting happened or not (if it didn't, a "Reason" area will be displayed for justification)

  • Start time

  • End Time

  • Subject (Free Theme / Study)

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