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Activating Member Card
Activating Member Card
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The membership card created by InPeace was designed to help churches in a more formal way to organize their members and users of the application.

But before you start using it, you need to know some details, and that's what we're going to do in this tutorial, guide you through the whole process.

1. The Card is an extra feature of InPeace, if the module is active in your app, skip to the next step, if you are interested in hiring, you can request our team through our contact channels to start using it.

2. With the functionality running on your app, the church will be able, from then on, to release the card to its users and members.

3. The release is made for each user at a time, in this way it's possible for the church to control and ensure that only the members have the card. And the release and creation process can be seen below:

  • Login to the admin panel

  • Click on the Side Menu "Users" and then click on "Registration".

  • Insert in the e-mail field, the user's registration e-mail (member) and press "search".

  • On the same screen the search result appears below, Click on edit, on the little blue box that will appear on the right side of the user information, and on the top menu of the new page that appears, click on the "Members" tab. Then change to "Yes" the answer to the question "Activate Membership Card?"

  • Ensure that the user's registration is complete, containing the information "Name" / "Gender" / "Type" / "Baptism Date" / "Title" / "Marital status" / "Congregation".

  • It is important that the "title" is filled, and for that, you can go back to the side menu, click on "Roles" and add a new title, which can be used in the card.

  • Another necessary item is the "Responsible" of the church, which will be added by the InPeace team when registering the church in the customer database. This same name, which can be the pastor (preferably) or someone else, will automatically be added to the card.

4. We highlight the information that to create a member's card, the member must be registered and active user in the church's app. Activation is done by an email that arrives to the user when registering (always check on spam) or directly in the user's registration by an app Administrator.

5. To be abble to see the membership card, the user must be logged in to their church's app and access the profile area by clicking on the upper right corner. On this screen, find the "Membership Card" option.

6. With the InPeace Manager app, the church can validate the cards at internal events, services and meetings. At the end of a period, a report will be generated informing the participation of the members in the church's activities.

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