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How to get in touch via InPeace Interactive Chat?
How to get in touch via InPeace Interactive Chat?
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You can contact InPeace directly via Interactive Chat. This is a quick, practical and safe way to communicate with our Service Team, directly through the control panel (admin).

By accessing the Interactive Chat, we will have better control of your requests, as well as the possibility of providing support material to ensure that you always have a great experience when using your application. See below how to access.

Using Interactive Chat

1. Access the control panel (admin). To access the admin, you will need your church's specific link, such as:**CHURCH-CODE** (the CHURCH CODE will be available along with the delivery official app).

2. Log in to the platform. For this, you must use the same email and password as your registration in the application. It is important to remember that the access to the admin cannot be done by a "default user", it is necessary that one of the Administrators changes the "user profile".

3. Connect with our team. When accessing the control panel (admin), in the lower right corner, you will find a blue balloon, where by clicking, a chat will be started for you to interact with our Service Team.

If you need more information, please contact our team, we are prepared to serve you in the best way possible.

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