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How to broadcast a Worship Service on Vimeo?
How to broadcast a Worship Service on Vimeo?
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You already know how to broadcast services and events on our platform, but now your church can also use Vimeo to broadcast in the apps developed by InPeace.

1. Before starting, contact our Support Team, informing them that you want to use Vimeo for your broadcasts.

2. To broadcast on your church's app, you must subscribe to Vimeo Premium account. View more.

Remember that without these two initial steps, it is not possible to broadcast live on Vimeo.

What you need to know about Vimeo.

1. The Premium account is required to carry out "Events" on Vimeo, these are events that will group lives according to the theme/exhibition day, for example. If you only create a "Video", it will not be possible to display as live stream in the app.

2. When registering a new event, check the "recurring" option, and even if it happens only once, just disable the repeat option, and you will be able to define the day in the calendar.

3. Once the event is registered, you will be able to edit the privacy of the display, ensuring that it is only displayed in the app and not publicly in your Vimeo account.

To adjust the privacy of your video/event, and make it private, click on Settings, below the video, and go to the side menu, click on Privacy. From then on, you will be able to choose who will have access to your video content.

The "Hide this video from" option allows your video to be embedded and displayed on platforms outside of Vimeo. From that moment on, you will also be able to choose in which places your video can be displayed and embedded, being the options Anywhere / Nowhere / On specific domains (

4. Each event created in your Vimeo account must generate a specific link. To display live stream in the app, use the code (numbers) at the end of the link (ex.: 578187) when registering the service in the InPeace admin panel.

What you need to know about registering services in the Admin Panel (InPeace)

1. It is necessary to access the Admin Panel and register all the services that the church wants to broadcast live through the application.

2. Enable the option "broadcast live" when registering services.

3. If the service is recurrent, but held at different times, it will be necessary to create an Event on Vimeo for each service time, so that the code (in numbers) of the link referring to that service in the Admin's register is used.

Do you still have doubts?

Get in touch with our support team.

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