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How to live stream on your app?
How to live stream on your app?
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As you may know, it is possible to broadcast the live streams (Worship Services) of your church on your app created by InPeace. We have two very important tips to ensure that everything goes as planned when reproducing your worship or event.

1 - Register your Worship Schedule on the Admin Panel.

It is important that all services (whether recurring or not) selected are registered in the admin, as you must activate the permission for live broadcasting in the app.

2 - Enable Embedding on Youtube Channel

After registering the Worship Service, it is also necessary to ensure that the incorporation of live broadcasting is active on the church channel.

In this way the live streams will be automatically broadcasted from your Youtube chanel to the app or web platform.

Remember: when registering a worship service or an event, you can also enable the push notifications, so users are reminded.

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