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Understand Small Groups functionality
Understand Small Groups functionality
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In this text you will learn some more details of the functionality of groups and cells in your church. Come on!

How to create groups

By accessing the "Settings" menu, you open the section to define the nomenclature that your church uses. For example: Groups, Cells, Teams, Teams, etc. Fill in the indicated fields and save.

Once saved, you will have access to a new section, where you can "Create new" group, cell, team, team, etc. Fill in the fields correctly and save.

How to enable the functionality and how to change the naming

In "Settings", you can "Enable" or "Disable" the module by checking/unchecking the option "Enable Groups module".

Then, just fill in the text box with the nomenclature your church uses: group, cell, team, etc.

NOTE: it is necessary to fill in the two text boxes. The first in the singular and the second in the plural.

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