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Discover the functionality of "Discussions"
Discover the functionality of "Discussions"
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Group (cell) management is a very important feature for managing church growth. With it, you can monitor the growth of your church groups and manage information in an optimized way.

To organize the studies to be taught during the meetings, we have the “studies” functionality available on the administrator panel. Check out some information below so you can set up studies for your church groups.

The functionality can be accessed through the side menu of your panel, in Groups > Studies. Check here how to register studies.

Studies need to be added according to your church's planning so that they are available to group leaders in their reports. A study will be available to the leaders, co-leaders and participants of a group after it is indicated that it will be used in a group meeting, and this is done by the meeting report.

When starting a meeting report, a leader or co-leader will indicate whether the meeting will have a specific study and will be able to select it from among the studies previously registered in the “studies” menu.

Another way to make the study available to group participants is through meeting planning, which can be defined by an administrator or group (cell) manager. Remembering that when planning a meeting, it is important to pay attention to the data, as it is not possible to delete/edit a plan, as when a plan is created the database of groups/cells and their users are linked. Check out how to plan a meeting here.

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