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Meet InPeace One
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InPeace launched a new type of contracting for large churches, mainly for organizations with a Matrix (headquarters) and Branches (congregations) system: InPeace One.

It's like a new app model, in which the member/visitor downloads a church's unique app, and when registering, chooses their local church. For the church, it's the advantage of being able to manage everything from one app, and for members, the ease of finding a single app for download.

Here's some information we think it's important to share with you:

InPeace One

  1. When entering InPeace One, you only need to choose a church from the list of registered churches;

  2. After choosing, you have the option to register or not;

  3. Next, the information you receive will refer to your chosen church;

  4. At any time you, connected to the app or not, can change to see information from other churches, without the need to log in again;


There are more than 20 features for you to explore. It has videos, live worship, podcast, prayer plan, cell management, events management, people management, communication and more.


When making a donation, the donations to the Church that you have previously chosen will appear. And you can switch churches through the filter.

Administrative panel

On InPeace One, administrators have a unique environment. In the “admin” space, you can change the information of any church linked to the matrix, through the top menu under “Change Church”.

"Daughter church" administrators may only change information pertaining to the local church.

Do you still have doubts?

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