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Fill in the embed field
Fill in the embed field
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Embed helps you diversify the content available to users in the following functionalities: News, Devotional and Sunday School classes features. With it, we can combine our own content and content from other sites, such as social networks, for example, making your publications more interesting and complete.

What is the embed code?

The embed code is an HTML code, responsible for embedding some element of an external website in its content. It is up to the external site to decide which elements third parties can incorporate and provide them with the code for that purpose.

For the correct filling of the embed field, you need to follow the “height” and “width” parameters, according to the following proportions:

• Width 100%

• Height 97% (no máximo)

Where to find the embed code?

1. Access the video you want to use, and from the options listed at the lower part, click on "Share";

2. Then select the "Embed" option;

3. Copy the code indicated for incorporation, as it will be necessary to use in the Admin Panel;

4. Set the numbers of "width" to 100% and "height" to 97% (maximum), as indicated previously in the text, the code will be ready to be used in the Admin Panel.

With the embed option, you can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, Soundcloud, Spotify, Flickr, Pinterest and Imgur in your publication.

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