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Users reporting problems in your app. What to do?
Users reporting problems in your app. What to do?
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If an user reports difficulties accessing your church's app, you can try some steps in the app to solve the problem. Check below!

  1. The first thing you can try is to log off the app and then login again;

  2. Another possibility is to go to the app's login page, log off and select the "Forgot Password" option, check the email inbox, and create a new password.

  3. If the bug persists, it is also important to test with another user who uses the same version of the app and see if the bug will happen again. If in the attempt with the new user, the process is sucessfully completed, it is possible that it is a problem in the registration of the user or in the device;

  4. If previous attempts have not solved the problem, we recommend that you contact our Support Team, with the following information:

    • User name and email;

    • App version;

    • Device version;

    • Print Screen showing the bug reported.

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