The custom field function is an excellent tool to learn more about your app's users. Through it it's possible to create additional fields of registration and thus a complete view of everything.


  1. Click Users, in the side menu

  2. Click Custom Fields

  3. Cliquem + New in the right upper corner

A screen will show you the options for registering a new custom field. At the end, click SAVE in the right upper corner.


Creating a new custom field, you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Choose the question to ask:

Fill in the "set the name for custom field" with the question that needs to be answered by your users.

  • Select the type os answer:

Choose one of the response types you expect from the user.

Note: In the multiple answers and single choices options, a new field will appear to edit the answers. Just put each item separated by ","

  • Choose whether to make the field available for people to respond in the app

For the field to be available for users to respond, it is important to select the box.

  • Choose whether to make the field available or not

It is necessary to select the option "Active Field" to leave the field active.


It is important to emphasize that the information in the dynamic fields is the full responsibility of each church, so it is necessary to be careful with questions about personal data such as ID and other documents (?)

If you still have any questions, just access our chat within the administrative panel at any time.

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