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About People Management

Everything you can do about people management

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To learn more about your app users, we have listed some features that can help with people management.

1. Custom Fields

Through the panel, you can add fields for custom information records according to your church's needs. Unlimited fields can be created with responses such as text, date, multiple-choice, and selection.

2. User Journey

Through the admin panel, you can view the User Journey, which allows for individual analysis of data, showing in detail all user actions within the app.

3. Custom Fields Report

Even more comprehensive reports, showing not only the usual data but also the information from dynamic fields, allowing for a more detailed analysis.

4. Access Management

Through the panel, it is possible to manage the access of your church, assigning one or more roles to organize user permissions in the admin panel.

If you still have any questions, just access our chat within the administrative panel at any time.

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