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To add ciphers at songs on the app, we need to pay attention to the configuration of the chords so the switch feature works. Here's how to do it:

1) Write the lyrics in the “Content” field.

2) Add the chords in the exact place where they should appear, between square brackets [ ]

For example, if the text is written like this:

Em Esp[G]írito, em verd[D]ade

Te ador[C]amos, te ador[G]amos [D]

In the app, it will look like this:

This way, the system will recognize the tone change and it will show the ciphers correctly. Thus, it will be possible to change the music tone through the app's settings.

IMPORTANT - Do not place separate chords above the lyric lines, or you won't be able to change them later.

3) At the end, the hymn should appear like this:

And if you still have any questions, just contact our support via the chat in your admin panel.

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