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How to live stream using Facebook integration
How to live stream using Facebook integration

Find out how to integrate Facebook into your admin panel to stream live services and other events

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To start live streaming with Facebook, you first need to integrate your admin panel with your Facebook page.

Follow the steps below with us to start streaming live from your app!

*Please note: you can only integrate pages (not profiles), and you must have access as administrator or owner of the page.

1) Access your admin panel using your login info and password.

2) In the left side panel, select General Data (A) and then Integrations (B).

*Please note: You can only integrate one platform at a time. So, if you've already set up YouTube or another platform, you'll need to deactivate the integration first in order to activate another platform like Facebook.

3) Select the "Facebook" platform.

4.1) Please ensure that you are logged in to your Facebook page as the pop-up will ask you to confirm the login. Once you are logged in your Facebook page, select Facebook as the platform and click "Continue as ..."

4.2) If you still do not have your login saved, you will need to authenticate below. Click "Continue with Facebook".

4.3) Enter your login details and click "Enter".

4.4) Confirm your identity and click "Continue as...".

4.5) Select the page you want to integrate with (to live stream) and click "Next".

4.6) Keep all options selected on "Yes" and click on "Done".

4.7) Now you will receive confirmation of the integration. Then click on "OK" to exit the screen.

5) To finish the process, return to your admin panel, confirm the page where the live streams will take place, and click "Save".

You should receive positive feedback at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Done! now your Facebook integration is completed and you are now able to live stream on your app.

If you want to remove this integration later, do it by clicking on "Deactivate".

Attention: To effectively set up a live broadcast on a given day and time, you will need to go to "Administration (Schedule Services)(C) and create a new service(D).

Please see the tutorial videos below if needed:

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