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What are collections?
What are collections?
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To ensure that InPeace Play subscribers have the best experience possible, you are empowered to manage the information and all content on the platform, including collections. The collection is the possibility to add content (videos) categorized by a certain group of subjects. For example: if a series about the Sermon on the Mount is developed, all the videos may be available in the collection called "The Sermon on the Mount", and new videos can be added whenever necessary.

See how easy it is to create a collection:

Step 1 - Click the "+ NEW" button to create your collection.

Step 2 - Fill in the mandatory information (remember that they are marked with an asterisk *)

Step 3 - Click save to add your collection to your platform.

Form fields to create a collection

In the form to create a collection there are fields that may or may not be filled in, the choice is yours.

It is possible to define if your collection will be in "featured" mode, so the added content will be displayed more prominently on the site, taking up more space and attracting more attention from users. You can also choose to make the collection available in "coming soon" mode. ", which means the information will be displayed with the release tag (tag) soon but users won't be able to access it yet.

You need to provide the title for the collection, which must contain a maximum of 90 characters, in addition to a description with a limit of 750 characters.

Video series must be organized using Tags, which are keywords to help with classification.

You can add images during the creation of your collection image for the highlight (if you have one) and image for the cover. Dimension and format recommendations for these images are available on our platform and you can check them directly in the form.

The featured image should not contain text or characters, as its function is to really illustrate the video series in an inviting way on your page.

It is also possible to register content that is not yet active or to inactivate content already registered by editing it. In this case, inactivation makes it impossible to make the collection available on your page and this function helps you to schedule your releases.

Want to know more? Check out our video below:

Do you still have doubts?

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