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How to create, edit or delete cost centers?
How to create, edit or delete cost centers?
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Cost centers are a way of separating financial movements, in order to facilitate the grouping of income and expenses

Keeping financial control divided into cost centers allows for a better view of your organization's financial flow for analysis and adjustments, if necessary.

To create a new cost center:

  1. Access the admin panel with admin or finance admin access

  2. In the left side menu, locate the "Financial" option, click on "Settings" and then "Cost Center”

  3. In the top right corner of the cost center listing, click "New".

  4. Choose a name for the cost center, and optionally add a description. Finally, click "Save”

  5. The created cost center will appear in the list along with all the other previously added centers.

    Cost centers can be edited or deleted. For any of these actions:

  1. On the right side of the cost center list, click the edit option (pencil) and select the action you want to perform.

Attention: it is only possible to edit or delete cost centers that are not linked to any income or expense in the system.

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