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What is the multiple donation feature?
What is the multiple donation feature?
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It's even easier to donate and tithe through the InPeace platform. Thinking about making it even easier, we added the functionality of multiple donations.

Now, members or visitors can make multiple simultaneous donations in a single order, without the need to redo the process for each donation.

Thus, it is enough to be registered and logged in to the platform to select one or more reasons for donating, define the amounts and, finally, inform the payment method to complete the order.

Attention: It is only possible to enable the recurrence option for single donations, that is, with a single reason for donation selected. Thus, we ensure that members or visitors do not improperly create recurring donations in the midst of their requests.

All details about the request are available in the “Donations” area in your Church's administrative panel, in addition to being sent by email to the member or visitor.

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