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Creating a store at the Apple Store
How to manage your store for access release
How to manage your store for access release
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Soon, all members of your Church will have access to the InPeace tools available in an application. But before that, we need to provide some important instructions.

For the Church's application to be published and maintained, Apple requires the creation of a Church account in the Apple Store.

Once your church's store is created, it will be necessary to go through an access release process with our team so that we can upload your application and perform necessary updates.

The release process has two phases: first, the invitation will be sent, which must be accepted by the InPeace team, and then the two-factor authentication release for access, which must be done with prior notice so that our team can be ready to provide the necessary information.

The entire process is straightforward, and in case of doubts, simply follow the tutorial:

1 - Access your church's account in App Store Connect.

2 - In the options menu, click on "Users and Access"

3 - In "Users and Access" click on the add icon to include a new access to your store.

4 - Fill out the form as necessary:

  • Provide the first and last name of the user who will receive access:

    • Time Inpeace

  • Provide the email:

  • Set the role as "Admin"

  • Specify the app of your church so that we can access it.

  • Upon completion, click on "Invite."

Now that the invitation has been sent, simply wait for the InPeace team to accept the permission. After acceptance is confirmed, the account holder of the church must register an InPeace mobile phone number for two-factor authentication for access.

5 - After accepting the invitation, the email [email protected] will appear in your list of permissions.

6 - Access the edit profile of your store.

7 - When redirected to this page, click on "Manage"

8 - You will be redirected to the login page. Start your session with your Apple ID and perform the two-factor verification with a registered phone number that you have on hand.

This step is necessary for the security verification of your account.

Provide the verification message sent to the chosen number to continue.

9 - Select the "Account Security" option.

10 - When you see the list with the numbers already added, click on the "+" icon to add a new number.

11 - Enter the phone number +55 27 99632-9494 and leave the option to verify with SMS selected, then click on "Continue"

12 - To proceed, enter your password for confirmation and click on "Continue"

13 - To complete, enter the verification code that was sent to the added number and click on "Continue"

  • Important: During this process, you need to be in contact with the InPeace team so that you can provide the code that was sent.

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