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Creating a store at the Apple Store
How to accept a downloaded app from the Apple Store
How to accept a downloaded app from the Apple Store
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To have the Church's application published and maintained, Apple requires the creation of a church account in the Apple Store. After your store is created, we will transfer the application you already have in Inpeace to your store.

To complete the process of transferring the application to your store, please follow these steps:

Log in with your Apple ID and password for your account:

Under the notification bar, click on Contracts, Taxes, and Banking.

In Contracts, you will find the data of the application to be migrated. Click on Review.

On the next screen, fill in the following information:

New App Metadata:

Company Name: Enter the name used to create your store (this information cannot be changed after it is entered, and this name will appear when users search for your application in the store, just below the app's name).
Support URL:

Marketing URL:

Contact Information:

First Name: Wendel

Last Name: Matos

Phone: +5527996392823

Below on the page, click on the checkbox:

☑️ I have read and agree to the terms above.

After completing this process, click on Accept in the top right corner.

Inform the Inpeace team so they can proceed with the further procedures.

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