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Creating a store at the Apple Store
How to configure user access control in your Apple store
How to configure user access control in your Apple store

If your Apple store has third-party apps, we ask you to configure additional access control settings.

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In order for the Church app to be published and maintained, Apple requires you to create a church account in the Apple Store. And after creating your store, we will transfer the application you already have at Inpeace to your store.

In order to move forward with the process in the case of stores with applications from other suppliers, it is necessary to edit the access of other suppliers so that they do not have access to Inpeace data.

Go to and sign in with the account's master user.

In the top menu, click on “Users and access” and then click on the user you want to change access to. On the selected user configuration screen, select the options according to the screenshot below:

In Apps, select and mark all applications that were developed by other providers:


It is necessary to mark all applications manually, so the email will only have access to selected applications.

This means that our applications will not be visible to other suppliers that have applications in their store.

After completing the configuration, notify the Inpeace team so that they can continue with the remaining procedures.

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