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How to cancel a recurring donation
How to cancel a recurring donation
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The Inpeace platform has the possibility of recurrence for some types of payments to help members and visitors who want to make payments frequently for the same reason.

We currently have recurrence enabled for online donation payments, with the possibility of configuration for tithes, offerings, social projects or any other reason created by your Church.

In your admin panel, you will be able to view all donations made and can cancel recurring donations if necessary.

To cancel a recurring donation, simply access the Donations > Subscriptions menu and locate the one you wish to cancel in the list of recurring donations.

To cancel the recurrence, click the red “cancel” button in the top right corner of your screen. A notice will appear for you to confirm the cancellation. Confirm the cancellation by clicking “ok”.

After confirming, the recurring payment will be canceled and there will be no new recurrences for this order.

In your subscription listing, the canceled recurrence will appear with the active status marked as "no".

It is important to remember that this cancellation is irreversible and for new recurring payments, the member or visitor will need to access the donation link and place a new order.

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