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How does cell meeting planning work?
How does cell meeting planning work?
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Group (cell) management is a very important feature for managing church growth. With it, you can monitor the growth of your church groups and manage information in an optimized way.

Check out some information below to help you plan meetings for your church groups.

The functionality can be accessed through the side menu of your panel, in Groups > Meeting Planning.

When accessing, you will see the list of plans or if you haven't made one yet, you can start planning meetings for your church groups.

To start planning, simply click the new button.

To create a new plan, you need to define the period to which it should be applied: select the start and end date. It is allowed to select 7 days or less, considering that planning will be generated for groups defined according to the days of their meetings.

It is also mandatory to inform the subject of the planned meeting, choosing between the “study” and “free topic” options. If you choose “study”, you must select a previously registered study. If you choose a free theme, you will need to describe the theme with a maximum limit of 65,535 characters.

To associate a meeting plan with groups, you must select the group categories, or you can choose to “select all categories”.

Important: Meeting planning will be done once and cannot be deleted or edited. Meetings are generated according to defined information.

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