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How do the hierarchy and coordination tree of groups (cells) work?
How do the hierarchy and coordination tree of groups (cells) work?
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Our group (cell) management functionality can be configured to manage a tree of groups according to the organization of your church. The group hierarchy is directly linked to coordination and through them it is possible to delegate groups to certain coordinators, which will be directly reflected in the reports, according to the level and organizational chart.

Using coordination, information about groups will be directed to specific people (coordinators), to generate information visualization in an optimized way.

It is necessary to define the categories and put the names of the people in the coordination, specifying which one is below each one.

For example: below Pr. X, there is Pr. Y, and so on.

The names of the positions are placed in the hierarchy, such as “president”, “coordinator”, “supervisor”, etc.

If the church already has registered groups (cells), it will be necessary to list which is linked to which in the hierarchical structure to configure the church's coordination tree.


X - president

Y and Z - coordinators

L is supervisor below X, Y and Z below L, etc.

Then, when registering a new group (cell) on the platform, simply select the “coordinator” by searching for the name in the related field.

Example of a Hierarchy Configuration:

After defining the hierarchy, coordination is structured, defining who will be at each level.

Coordination Tree Example:

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