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Understand the service fee
Understand the service fee
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What is the service fee and why is it charged?

We are constantly investing in innovations and technologies for Churches and the service fee charged by Inpeace is responsible for paying for the maintenance of our platform and our operations. We are always looking for the best experience for churches and continuous improvements to our platform.

Included in the service fee:

  • personalized service;

  • technological developments and improvements;

  • facilities in event management;

  • platform maintenance and operation;

  • anti-fraud and data security technologies;

  • financial transaction costs.

How is the value calculated?

Depending on the payment method, the fee can be a percentage or fixed, always calculated based on the value of the ticket and can be passed on to the buyer or not. Check the rates according to the operator used by your church.

Do you still have doubts?

Get in touch with our support team.

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