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Why was my purchase paid by credit card not approved?
Why was my purchase paid by credit card not approved?
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All purchases made with a credit card undergo data analysis. The objective is to guarantee the security of transactions made on the platform.

Data analysis is based on the information filled in the purchase form and the data entered when registering on the Inpeace platform. From them, a purchase can be approved or not approved instantly.

In the case of unapproved purchases, one or more data provided could not be validated and, for this reason, it was not possible to approve the purchase.

As the purchase analysis considers several variables, from the purchase data entered to the usage profile of the person holding the card, it is not possible to inform the exact reason why a purchase is not approved.

In any case, we have listed below the most common reasons why a purchase may not be approved:

  1. Incorrect card details: one or more card details were not filled in correctly. In this case, it is necessary to check that all the information provided is correct, from the name of the cardholder, the card number, expiration date to the security code.

  2. Lack of confirmation: our payment processor may contact the person holding the card to verify the purchase and, when they cannot receive a response, the purchase is not approved. Therefore, it is important to provide a valid telephone number at the time of purchase so that contact can be made successfully.

  3. Suspected fraud: in some cases, the card operator itself classifies the purchase as possible fraud. This happens when a non-standard purchase is made, such as, for example, a purchase of a very high value or at unusual times.

  4. Insufficient limit: when the selected card does not have a sufficient limit for the purchase to be made. In these cases, it is necessary to check with the card operator whether it is possible for the limit to be increased or if it is necessary to use another card with a sufficient limit.

  5. Card not enabled: occurs when the card used for the purchase does not have the credit function active. In these cases, it is also necessary to check with the card operator whether it is possible to enable this function and try again.

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