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Can I add new donation subjects?
Can I add new donation subjects?

Check out how to create new donation reasons and how to manage them on the platform

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Our online donation functionality has several possibilities to help your church. Some donation reasons are already configured and you can edit or add new reasons according to your needs and whenever you want, for example to create fundraising campaigns for specific projects in your Church.

In your admin panel, simply click on the side menu on Donations > Donation reasons to view all existing reasons.

Edit a donation reason

To edit an existing reason, simply locate it in the list and click on the pencil icon on the right side, so you can edit the necessary information. It is possible to edit the name and description, change the category to which this reason is linked and also allow recurring payments, change the value and deactivate a reason if necessary. After making the changes, just save for them to be applied.

Create a new donation reason

Just go to the "Reasons for donation" menu and click on the "new" button.

To save, you must enter the reason category, name, whether it allows recurring payments, whether it allows value changes and whether it is active. The description is an optional field.

If you still have questions, check out our playlist of tutorials on Youtube.

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