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Ticket validation in events
Ticket validation in events

Discover how to use InPeace Manager app to validate a ticket at events

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There is a faster and more practical way to validate the tickets of your event registrants: the InPeace Manager.

To access the QR Code reader, you need to download the InPeace Manager app and log in to your Church admin panel. There you can validate and do an online and offline check-in of the events from your mobile phone.

To make the check-in you just need to select the event you wish, consequently, “Validate ticket by QR Code”, put the camera of your mobile phone in front of the QR Code and make the validation! The validation will occur quickly and after 2 seconds you can validate another ticket. It is important to remember that by positioning the camera over the valid QR Code it will automatically be validated. The app will also inform you if an attempt is made to validate an invalid or already used ticket.

You can also search for the participant's name and validate manually if the QR code is unavailable. Just drag to the left side until you see the green icon.

Validation will occur even if you lose your internet connection, in which case a message will be displayed on your application informing you that an internet connection will be required for the synchronization of tickets already used to take place on the Church's administrator panel. It is important to remember that if you are going to validate tickets in an offline location, you will need to access the event on your app, in a connected location, to download the list of tickets to be validated offline.

If you want to update your participant list, simply select the update participant list option in your application.

Now you are ready to scan QR Code and manage Church events.

Link to download the InPeace Manager app:

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