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How does the payment slip for events/courses work?
How does the payment slip for events/courses work?
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You already know that with the InPeace app, your church can hold events and courses, making payment also available via payment slip. But before choosing this option, you need to pay attention to some details:

What is the payment term for the bank slip?

The deadline for a ticket to be active is the sum of the validity added in the admin + 5 days of processing. That is, if the defined term is 2 validity days + 5 processing days = 2+5 days, 7 days in total.

If the event is going to happen in 5 days, then it is not possible to allow the boleto option because the processing time is greater than the time of the event happening or starting, in the case of an event of several days.

To prevent this from happening, we indicate the release of ticket sales in advance, so that all deadlines will be respected and there will be no conflict of dates.

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