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Validating your membership card
Validating your membership card
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The tutorial on how your church can hire and activate a membership card in the InPeace app is now available here. This is an extra functionality that can help the team of pastors in more formal and standardized control of their members and users of the app.

There is a quick and practical way to validate member cards, to generate reports on participation in services and meetings: InPeace Manager.

Each card has a specific QR Code, and to purchase the QR Code reader, you must download the InPeace Manager app and log in with the same data used in the Church admin. With InPeace Manager you can validate cards and check in for events using your cell phone. Just select the "Validate Card" option, validate and that's it! It's simple and fast.

Now, you are ready to scan the QR Code and manage your church's member meetings.

Download the InPeace Manager app:

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