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Understand what InPeace Play is
Understand what InPeace Play is
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Imagine having an exclusive and personalized streaming platform for your church. This project can now become a reality with InPeace Play, the launch of InPeace that will enable you to share videos in an even more professional, practical and personalized way, whether in your application or on the web.

InPeace Play is a module that will be available to you (according to your application contract plan) and can be offered to members of your church through subscription plans that you define, to guarantee access to the content you select and create for your church, whether entertainment, teaching or other categories.

To leave no doubt that this functionality was what was missing for your church's strategy, we have separated the top 3 reasons to have InPeace Play:

1. Customizable environment for your church

With InPeace Play you can customize the platform to match your church. Just edit the background image, add your logo and create the video categories you prefer.

2. Have a streaming platform, without having to develop one

That's right. By hiring InPeace Play you will have already skipped all the planning and development stages of a new platform, simply access, customize and add your content and collections, always counting on the support of our Customer Service team.

3. A new possibility to generate revenue for your church

With the definition of InPeace Play subscription plans, each subscriber can be a new financial opportunity to help develop your church's projects.

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