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InPeace Play: how does it work?
InPeace Play: how does it work?
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InPeace Play is a personalized streaming platform created by InPeace to stream videos exclusively for your church.

If you already know it and want to start using the functionality, we have some important details to make your experience even better. Check it out below.

  • Accessing InPeace Play

To enable InPeace Play and start using it, please contact our Support team.

When the module is enabled for your church, access will be made on your page created by InPeace (

The user should click on the "InPeace Play" tab as identified below.

From then on, the user will be directed to a registration and subscription payment page, according to the plan selected by him.

With registration and payment confirmed, just access the InPeace Play page and start watching all the content provided by the church.

  • Setting the InPeace Play

To ensure that InPeace subscribers have the best experience possible, the church is empowered to manage the information and all content on the platform. See how easy it is.

Log in to the admin panel (

  • Discover the menu:

Plans: refer to the amounts that each subscriber must pay, according to the validity period and the benefits available. They can be defined in advance by the church and added by the InPeace team, or added at any time by the Church Administrator.

Tags: work as categories that will group videos by subject or other similarities. These tags can be added, edited and deleted whenever needed.

Subscriptions: presents to the church the list of users who are subscribers, detailing information such as name, type of plan, price, status and registration data.

Contents: in this area of ​​the menu, you can add videos that are not part of any collection, being considered "individual content".

It is important to remember that during registration you can set the status of each content, choosing between draft mode (the content will not be available to subscribers), featured mode (it will be displayed in a larger area, highlighted on the first page) or in coming soon mode (visible to the user but not yet available for access).

Collections: it is possible to add content (videos) categorized by subjects. For example, if your church develops a series about the Sermon of the Mount, all the videos may be available in the collection called "The Sermon of the Mount", and new videos can be added whenever necessary.

Settings: it's time to make your InPeace Play look like your church. Add the name, data, logo and background of your choice.

Do you still have doubts?

Get in touch with our support team.

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