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How to live stream using YouTube integration
How to live stream using YouTube integration

Find out how to integrate your YouTube channel into your admin panel to stream live services and other events

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To live stream on YouTube, you first need to integrate the your YouTube channel to your admin panel.

1) Access your admin panel using your login and password (

2) In the left side panel in the Administration tab, select General Data (A) and then Integrations (B).

*Please Note: You can only integrate one platform at a time. So if you've already set up Facebook or another platform, you'll need to deactivate the previous integration in order to choose YouTube.

3) First, we need to find the ID of the YouTube channel where broadcasts will be made. The channel ID is a unique identification code, made up of letters and numbers and is in the URL when you select your channel.


4) Log in with the desired YouTube account, click on the profile picture (C) and then on "Your channel" (D). If it is not the desired channel, you must "Switch Account" (D2) first.

5) Next, click on "Customize channel".

6) Go to "Basic Information" (F) and locate the channel URL. Just copy the code after the last slash ( channel/ ) of the link (G).


If you want to configure the integration, but you don't have admin access (with login and password) to the YouTube channel you want to stream, use this alternative way below.

7) Access the channel where you want the broadcasts to take place.

If it's a channel without a custom domain, the channel ID is after "channel/", in the link itself. Just copy this snippet from the link and paste it into the admin panel. The code always starts with UC.

8) However, if you come across a custom name that doesn't have letters and numbers like that, you need to access the code another way.

9) Open any video of the desired channel, and then click on the name of the channel, which appears at the height of the Subscribe button. There you will see the original channel link, with the code that starts with UC.

10) Back in the admin panel, select the "Youtube" platform (H), add the copied channel ID (starting from UC) (I) and click "Save" (J).

8) You should receive a confirmation in the lower right corner of the screen.

Tutorial Video:

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