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How to change my InPeace website banner
How to change my InPeace website banner

How to change the banner that appears on the cover of your church's website

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Each InPeace website has a space for a banner on the homepage.

To add a new banner, login into your admin panel and click on the left-hand side menu and look for Communication > Banners.

After that, just click on the button in the top right corner that says NEW. Here, you can add information about the banner, some information is mandatory and some is optional according to your needs.

Below are the fields you can fill out:

  • Title: this is not a mandatory field, but if it is added, the text will show over the image on your page with a limit of 96 characters.

  • Link: this is not a mandatory field, but if a link is added, the banner will become clickable (redirecting the user to the page indicated, opening a new tab). It can be used to direct people to information about your organization, such as a specific event for example.

  • Active banner: this is a mandatory field and serves to inform whether the banner should is active or not. A banner that is inactive will not be displayed on your InPeace website.

  • Image for the banner: this is a mandatory field and you will need to add the image you want to be displayed. The recommended dimension is 1920 x 1080 pixels, JPEG or PNG format with a maximum of 2MB. Images with different dimensions will be resized.

InPeace Tip: Be sure to add high quality images that illustrate your organization best. The Inpeace Web banner manager is a tool that can help your Church communicate with your congregation and visitors.

If you want to make any changes to a banner you activated, you have the ability to edit the banner when necessary and make it inactive or even delete it when the image will no longer be used.

To do so, Just access the list of registered banners, click on the edit icon (blue pencil) in the right corner of your table, and select the options you want for the banner you wish to edit.

Please keep in mind that deleting a banner is irreversible, so if you would like to display a banner that was deleted you will have to go through the process above once again.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to access our chat function on the bottom right corner of the screen within the administrative panel at any time.

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