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How to validate tickets offline in Inpeace Manager
How to validate tickets offline in Inpeace Manager
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There is a quick and practical way to validate tickets for those registered at your event: InPeace Manager.

To access the QR Code reader, you must download the InPeace Manager app and log in to your Church's administrator panel. There you can validate and check-in online and offline for events via your cell phone.

It is important to remember that if you are going to validate tickets in an offline location, you will need to access the event on your app, in a connected location, to download the list of tickets to be validated offline.

To do this, simply open the app, select the event you want to download the list from and click “update list of participants”.

This way, you will be able to validate the downloaded tickets normally and then, in a connected location, you must perform the synchronization so that the tickets appear as used in the Church's reports.

Now, you are ready to scan the QR Code and manage Church events.

Link to download the InPeace Manager app:

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