How to see User Journey?

Check all the actions of your app's users

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A simple way to see each user's complete information and their entire journey within the app.

How to access the user journey?

There are 2 ways to view the user journey within the admin panel:

  • Acess from the users menu

By clicking in "users" and "+registration", you will have access to all registered users in your app.

To view each user's journey, just click the "chains" icon next to the edit button.

  • Detailed menu of each user

By clicking in "users", "+registration", and click the "eye" icon, you will have access to all registered users in your app. Then, just click in "SHOW JOURNEY"

User Journey Details

Within the user journey menu, you basically will see 2 tables.

Peson Journey

The letft table shows all the user's journey, with all the actions taken within the app with the option to filter by action type.

The actions are separated by year, type and month, with some details regarding the actions.


The right table shows the actions of informations registered in the app taken by the user.

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