The role functionality is intended to help make roles available within your organization.

To register a new position, it is very simple: just access the side menu of your admin panel by clicking on Administration > Positions. To enter a new position, simply click the "+ New" button and get started.

To enter a new position, the information is mandatory, so just enter the description of the new position, the category it fits and say if it is active or not and click save.

Tip: When registering a new position, always try to start the name with a capital letter, this will make your information more presentable in the system.

If you want, you can register positions and keep them inactive in the system or also inactivate an already registered position. To do so, simply edit a position record by clicking on the pencil icon on the position list screen, perform the desired operation and save.

The position in a person's registered information

Positions are important for the organization of people's roles, so it is possible to include the position (which must be previously registered in the "positions" menu) in a person's registration.

Just click on Administration > Users > Registration, search for the person's registration using the filter fields on the top menu of the screen and click on edit. When opening the person's registration editing screen, in the "Members" tab, it will be possible to configure their position within your organization.

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